Jarkko Räsänen

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Jarkko Photographic Expressionist Group

Exhibition at Artag Helsinki, 2016, digital photographs, dimensions & printing techniques vary from small canvas prints to large-scale diasecs. Ed 5 + 2 ap.

The photographs for the exhibition are mostly created with self-made software that allows using photo and video files as “paint brush”, that is controlled by two low-frequency-oscillators.

The New and the Newest Age II

2014, pigment prints on canvas, mdf, lacquer, ed. 6 +2 ap

Works are based on collages found from old Finnish history book "Uusi ja uusin aika II" that was found dumped to the front of a construction yard. The book was published in 1929. Many of the images were defaced by unknown schoolkids with cut-up faces and heads from 50´s comics and other sources of pop culture imagery. Iconic images of European modern history were scanned and processed them with self-made photography software: The canvas prints mounted on 160mm mdf show the "skeleton" images of the defaced portraits, that become revealed through recursive saving process of the high-resolution jpeg to the point where everyday photo-file standard cannot burn anymore information off the image – only the features defined worth seeing in the compression algorithm remain.

An essay by Kari Yli-annala: 


Ordered Dance

(2009-), digital photographs, dimensions & printing techniques vary from small canvas prints to large-scale diasecs. Ed 6 + 2 ap.

The photographs in the series Ordered Dance are collages that Jarkko Räsänen has created with self-made image editing software. The original images are diary-like snapshots of differing quality – cell phone images are included, as well as scanned medium format shots. Räsänen cuts the original image files into narrow slices and analyses the slices according to some structural parameter, such as brightness or the amount of red colour. The slices are re-ordered according to sets of rules (e.g. increasing brightness from left to right) to form a new permutation of the original digital image information - the process carrying a loose analogy to DNA analysis. In images formed this way, the original representations of photographic subjects melt into abstract forms, and the material qualities get emphasised over the narrative content of the snapshots.

See also ARS comission for Kiasma : Ordered Dance Online

Selection of past works:

1. Video (2011@Finnish Museum of Photography),
google image search-based photo montage, 1,5 x 6 meter archival ink print /
2. As above, so below (2011 @ Kaartin lasaretti), wikipedia photo installation , 1,7 x 5,5m /
3. Code Untitled (2013 @Saskiat collection), algorithmic graphics, 60 x 80cm /
4. Trap (2012 at Schloss Wiepersdorf), video feedback with camera & projector, living moths /
5. What the Silence Would Be Like (2007), dry gray leaves in a room /
6. Orbi et urbi (2006 with Kyösti Pärkinen), plexiglass /
7. Gentle Persuasion (2010 with Kyösti Pärkinen @Mustarinda), paint, construction fences, whale singing cd, spring water bottle /
8. Horizon for TV (2009), Hitachi VHS camera, CRT tv, modified feedback loop /
9. Rakkaus (2016 with Samuli Häkkinen), selfmade photo software, archival ink print 90x90 cm
10. Ice Eyes (2009), 2 videoprojectors, super-8 transfered video loop /
11. Ad infinitum (2011) video feedback loop for a camera , CRT monitor & dry leaves
(@Images Contra Nature)
12. The Return of the French (2016 @ FISH gallery), 35*90cm archival ink print
13. One Second of Silence (66,6Mhz), (2014 @ Musterzimmer), 150 * 100 cm  archival ink print
14. Interference (2014 @ Musterzimmer), 150*90cm arhival ink print
15. Code Untitled (2014 @ Musterzimmer), 33 * 50 cm archival ink print
17. Out of Body Experience (2007), 36*50cm archival ink print

Ocean (GIF exhibition)
Back to the Future (GIF exhibition)


Postinternet.art / WRONG BIENNALE - curated by Juha van Ingen & Jarkko Räsänen